Fellows Training Workshop

  • CDAR workshop series on Systems Pharmacology II (organized by Core A)

    • Software: NONMEM
    • Date Presenter Name Talk Title
      8/29/2019 Shuhan Liu Application of the Minimal PBPK Model for Monoclonal Antibody Trastuzumab
      Siyi Wang NONMEM PKPD Model of Anidulafungin
      Mingzhe Shen Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacogenomics of Methylprednisolone during 7-Day Infusion in Rats
      8/20/2019 Yuanyuan Xu Evaluation of Machine-Learning Algorithms for Predicting Opioid Overdose Risk among Medicare Beneficiaries with Opioid Prescriptions
      Xiguang Qi Using NONMEM to Simulate PK Profiles of an Anestheticdrug Y with Different Covariablesmodels after IV Infusion
      Shuhan Liu Impact of Renal Impairment on In Vitro In Vivo Extrapolation
      8/14/2019 Xiguang Qi Linear and Non-linear Regression PK Prediction Model
      Mingzhe Shen Using NONMEM to Simulate PK Profiles of Drug X with Different Compartment Models after IV Infusion
      Siyi Wang Full Sigmoid Emax PD Model of Fluconazole
      8/6/2019 Yuanyuan Xu Mechanistic Pan-Cancer Pathway Model Informed by Multi-omics Data
  • CDAR workshop series on Systems Pharmacology I (organized by Core A)

    • Software: SimCYP, MATLAB
    • Date Presenter Name
      4/11/2019 Yuanyuan Xu, Mingzhe Shen, Siyi Wang
      3/14/2019 Mingzhe Shen, Chenxiao Tang, Shifan Ma, Xiguang Qi
      2/28/2019 Beihong Ji, Peihao Fan, Shuhan Liu, Xuanqing Wang
      2/14/2019 Chenxiao Tang, Xiguang Qi, Shifan Ma, Mingzhe Shen
      1/31/2019 Siyi Wang, Thai Nguyen, Yuanyuan Xu, Ying Xue
      1/15/2019 Beihong Ji, Xuanqing Wang, Peihao Fam, Shuhan Liu
      12/17/2018 Xiguang Qi, Mingzhe Shen, Chenxiao Tang, Shifan Ma
      12/3/2018 Xuanqing Wang, Peihao Fan, Siyi Wang, Shuhan Liu
      11/19/2018 Beihong Ji, Yuanyuan Xu, Thai Nguyen, Ying Xue
      11/5/2018 Xuanqing Wang, Peihao Fan, Mingzhe Shen, Shuhan Liu
      10/22/2018 Beihong Ji, Thai Nguyen, Yuanyuan Xu
      10/8/2018 Beihong Ji, Xuanqing Wang
  • Training Workshop for 2016 P30 CDAR Annual Meeting

  • Location: BST3, Room 3073, University of Pittsburgh
  • 1:30 – 3:00 pm      Core A Training (30 minute lecture and 1 hour demo & practice)
  • Training topics:

    (1) Chemogenomics Database for Drug Abuse & Neuro-disordersGenes, protein targets, pathways involved in a disease and small molecules that can directly interact with these key proteins with the potential to modulate the disease.

    (2) TargetHunerMap: To predict the potential protein target(s) of a small molecule drug or a chemical compound through structure similarity or molecular docking.

    (3) BBB prediction: To predict the blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeability of a small molecule based on its chemical features.

  • 3:00 – 4:30 pm     Core B Training (30 minute lecture and 1 hour demo & practice)
  • Training topics:

    (1) ANM (Anisotropic network model): an elastic network based tool for analysis of dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids.

    (2) ProDy: a free and open-source Python package for protein structural dynamics and sequence analysis.

    (3)Druggability simulations: the use of DRUGUI, a VMD plugin, for performing MD simulations for druggability assessment, using probe molecules.

    4:30 – 6:00 pm     Core C Training (30 minute lecture and 1 hour demo & practice)

    Training topic:

    GenAMap: GenAMap software is a powerful platform for detection and easy visualization of structured association of genomic data and physical traits.