Date/Time: Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Host: Core B

Location: BST3, Room 3073


I. Presentation by Lirong, Hongchun, and HaoHan  (2:00-2:45 pm)

  1. Cores A and B: QSP: The integration of Quartataweb and Target Hunter (Hongchun and Lirong)
  2. Cores A and C: Genome-scale target and compound identification.  The first prototype of an interface to be delivered by the end of June. (Lirong, HaoHan, and Wei)

II. Presentation by Zhiwei and Ryan on the PANDA interface (2:45-3:15 pm)

III.Presentation by Junmei and Jiyoung on the progress in Druggability /Parameterization interfaces (3:15-3:45 pm)